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Communicating Your Win Strategy

Updated: Jan 5

Linda, the Capture Manager, held a win strategy meeting with the proposal team. The team defined with win themes and differentiators, and identified capability and personnel gaps. They were off to a good start! Susan, the Proposal Manager, had her marching orders. Over the next few days, she collaborated with Molly (the Price Lead) and held discussions with the resume and past performance writers. The graphics team knew what they needed to do. Everyone worked toward the first proposal review. Sounds like a great proposal, right?


While Susan was meeting with the proposal team, Linda added a subcontractor to the team – the addition closed a few gaps, brought additional capabilities, and rounded out the technical solution. Plus, the subs’ pricing was reasonable, and they had worked together successfully before. But Linda didn’t communicate any of this to the proposal team.

You can guess what happened next: the proposal draft did not reflect the revised win strategy. The resumes did not include the new subcontractor. The management draft and org chart failed to reflect the team. And the pricing…well, you know.

AVOIDABLE! Don’t be like Linda.

Communicate with your team. Hold daily standups, even on days when you feel you have nothing new to report. Engage the subs in reviews. COMMUNICATE.

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