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Corporate conscience: continuing to make a difference

We tend to like all our clients equally – but maybe we like some more equally than others. Our for-profit clients make up the bulk of P3’s work, and we enjoy the challenge of supporting large organizations as they chase complex work with even more complex requirements. It’s a rare engagement where we do not learn something new and develop additional skills and capabilities.

But the nonprofit sector offers different rewards. At P3, we like to think of ourselves as a company with a conscience; we (collectively and individually) contribute to causes we care deeply about. Supporting a nonprofit or a nongovernmental organization is somehow more rewarding than a contract win. Whether it’s working with nonprofits on a grant application or helping them develop their organizational capacities, there’s a different level of satisfaction in supporting a cause and knowing we’ve made a difference.

Most of us invest ourselves in our various projects. When we support our for-profit customers in pursuing or executing contracts – say, to enhance Veterans’ care or provide secure IT solutions – we get a little more satisfaction than for more routine engagements. But when we work with nonprofits, everything we do supports their mission, helps fund critical initiatives, or improves service delivery, even if only in some small way.

The satisfaction we get from this type of work brings new meaning to what we do, particularly during the “new normal” way of doing business. When we support a high-complexity effort with a large client that already has mature processes, we know we are further enhancing our own skills and can benefit our nonprofit clients as we help them mature their processes and service delivery approach.

We like to think we can #Make_A_Difference.

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