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Deadline Crunch? Follow P3's Top 10 To Dos

We’ve all been there. We’ve followed the proposal process to the letter. Our writers and editors have collaborated. The graphics match the content. We’re ready to produce the books for Red Team.

And then, CRAP! We notice typos and inconsistencies.

With an hour before Red Team, here are top 10 search/replace functions to make your proposal easier to read and evaluate:

  1. The name of the client! Too many people are guilty of copying and pasting content from previous proposals and forgetting to change the client name. If you’re bidding to DHS, make sure your content isn’t addressing USDA.

  2. Program Manager versus Project Manager. This is the kind of inconsistency that can get the proposal thrown out in an evaluation. And you don’t need any more grief from your Red Team reviewers.

  3. Team [Client] versus [Client] Team. See comment above.

  4. Federal Government (not federal government) if you’re using GPO and sticking to the old standard of making evaluators feel more important.

  5. Single space after periods.

  6. Ensure that versus ensure. Check your sentence structure.

  7. Ensure versus assure and insure. Check the meanings!

  8. Over versus more than. Whatever you do, do NOT run a global search/replace! Otherwise you might end up with words like Gmorethannment in your document.

  9. Run spell check, paying particular attention to terms like “public services.” We’ve seen too many instances of “pubic services.” Ah, this one never stops being funny.

  10. Reduce page view to see where there are any bad page breaks or wonky graphics.

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