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It's More Than Just Writing

Not every position is billable, and therefore “paid for.” The temptation to spend as little as possible is strong, especially in times of austerity, COVID-related or otherwise. But guess what? Proposal “busy season” is here! As we consider bringing on proposal resources, the temptation to go cheap can be strong. We’ve heard it before: “Just hire a kid, an English major who just graduated and is looking for a job. As long as they can read and write…”

That’s a mistake. Certainly, reading and writing are much-needed skills in developing a winning proposal. But they’re not everything – not even close.

In today’s competitive environment, companies need proposal professionals who understand how proposals and grant applications are evaluated. Someone with direct experience in evaluating proposals or who has participated in debriefs can be an invaluable resource. In fact, they can be the difference between winning and losing.

Developing a winning proposal is both an art and a science. Compliance is just the minimum entry criteria. After that, you need to be compelling, while conveying your understanding of the customer’s challenges and objectives. And the more you can work customer knowledge into your proposal, the more you can make scoring it a little easier for the evaluators.

All this takes more than just English proficiency. It requires skills not taught on campus. It requires knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and how best to convey your value proposition within the confines of stifling response requirements. The English major is great, just not for this. Not until xhe has more of the right kind of experience.

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