• Wayne Wallace

Modern meetings, Corona-style

We all know the tools. Teams, Zoom, Skype. They keep us connected during the #covid19 lockdown. Having tools is part of the equation. Using them effectively is the key to staying on task. There is a difference between chatting with friends on FaceTime or WhatsApp and conducting a professional meeting.

For one thing, there’s appearance. Your friends and family probably don’t care if you haven’t’ shaved. They might not notice that you didn’t run a comb through your hair.

For a meeting, though, a little effort is in order. Even if you don’t think the meeting is going to include video, it is better to be prepared in case everyone does have their cameras on. Plus, even if you don’t end up on camera, you feel more presentable and your voice will project more confidence.

I’m speaking from personal experience. Not long ago, I was on a WebEx call with a customer. Everyone had their cameras on. Except me. I had rolled out of bed and jumped right into work. (Maybe I’ll write another post about time management.) When I heard, “Wayne, why isn’t your camera on?” I had to scramble for a comb, a clean shirt, and a background more suitable than my headboard. (Since then I’ve learned how to blur the background in Teams.) Now what I need is a Jetson-style mask to show my best self on screen.

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