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Proposal Training: Staying Ahead of the Game

Your proposal team knows all they need to respond to today’s solicitations. They’ve been doing this for years and have a great win rate. They got trained by Sh*&$y a few years ago. They don’t need more training; they need to keep doing what they’re doing.

Here’s why that thinking is a bit short-sighted. Especially in the rapid-fire environment of large IDIQ task order responses, it’s easy for proposal professionals to forget some of the fundamentals of developing a competitive RFP response. Such as how to effectively work win themes throughout and introduce the evaluators to our team without sounding too “market-y.”

Beyond the basics, now is also a good time to get your team up-to-date on industry best practices. As we learn more about how proposals are evaluated, we need to adapt and refresh our writing techniques to better address client needs while getting our messages across. As RFPs are released with shorter response requirements, we need to update our writing to be more concise all while addressing the requirements and incorporating that special sauce that separates winning proposals from merely compliant ones.

So, take the opportunity of any downtime you have to get your team some updated training. Or, better yet, let us help you as part of a live proposal effort – we love to help clients update their skills, refresh their content, and impart a few new best practices.

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