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The beginning of the fiscal year–an opportunity for improvement?

The start of the new fiscal year is one of the slower periods for business, especially in the consulting world. During the slow period, it is easy to take a break and relax a little. After all, you probably just finished a big proposal – or several proposals in what we know to be “busy season.” Or perhaps you had a big push to close out the fiscal year on existing contracts. While you don’t need to keep the same insane hours as during busy season, this is a good time to improve your company’s chances of winning new bids in the upcoming:

· Update your company’s past performance: This is a good time to refresh the content you’ve been using all year. Take the time to interview the PM or SMEs on the project. See if you can gather any customer accolades or unique service offerings that will make your past performance writeups stronger.

· Improve reusable content: We don’t sniff at boilerplate as much as we used to – as long as it gets updated frequently. And of course, it has to be tailored to each customer. But you’ve probably over-used your management methodology, so why not revisit it? A few tweaks here and there, a couple of innovations, and you just might find that your methodologies can be significantly improved.

· Update resumes: Now that busy season is over, it’s a good idea to reach out to program and project personnel to get any career or expertise updates.

· Fix your proposal templates: Proposals are read by real people. Real eyes have trouble reading badly formatted documents. Take the time to fix your document templates, making sure to focus on readability, white space, and ways to make your win themes stand out more.

By doing one or more of the above, you can significantly improve your chances of success in the upcoming fiscal year!

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