• Adam Wallace

The Importance of a Daily Standup

Before Covid-19 sent everyone home, daily standups were common enough during complex proposals. But despite self-isolation and social distancing, we still need to meet deadlines and hold color team reviews. The oft-dreaded daily standup is now more critical than ever – sometimes even if there isn’t a pressing deadline.

Think about it: proposal contributors need to know what is required of them, and the daily standup helps keep them focused and on track with the proposal schedule. Today’s coronavirus realities involve more flexibility and less regimented schedules, and it is critical to make sure the proposal team knows what they should be doing and when their deliverables are due.

As we’ve seen in the past few years, fully remote proposals require higher quality and frequency of communication. Proposal contributors must stay on track, or else immovable deadlines can be missed. And proposal teams that are geographically dispersed, with multiple time zones, automatically create another layer of complexity. Daily communication becomes more important than ever to staying on schedule.

One of the many benefits of maintaining daily contact is making sure your proposal contributors are interacting with others. No one should feel isolated during stay-at-home situations, whether self- or government-imposed. It is important for proposal leaders to make sure each contributing member on the team feels counted, heard, and valued – yes, during “normal” times, but especially during this “new normal” situation.

A team has an ideal level of communication – “communication overhead” – and it is the manager’s job to figure out that optimal level. How much communication is too much to be productive? How much is too little?

The answers to these questions are changing because, for some, the daily standup may be the only contact with other humans. A 10-minute or half-hour daily standup might have been enough in the past, but we have to rethink it for today’s business environment.

Over the years, P3 has refined the science of daily – and less frequent, depending on the situation – standups into an art. Our experiences with remote work, multiple time-zones, and multi-lingual proposal teams have prepared us for pandemics and other stay-at-home situations. We’re happy to share our best practices!

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