• Adam Wallace

The Most Effective Way to Edit Your Proposal

Editing long proposals–especially for projects you’re not particularly interested in–can be mentally draining. When you’re doing that last lightning round before final production and it’s a late-night work session, the editing process can be even more tiring.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Read the proposal out loud.

Reading the proposal out loud allows you to “hear” and see hard-to-find typos (such as county when you mean country, or vice-versa), inverted apostrophes or quotation marks, or even factually incorrect information (your company may have $100 Billion in wins instead of $10 Billion!).

Using this simple trick can make all the difference!

During this new period of the mostly work-from-home (WFH) economy, editing out loud is even easier. You don’t have any co-workers to tell you to “read to yourself” or to “go make a pot of coffee.” On occasions where you are working around others, try to sound out the proposal in your head. While you are WFH, though, try to read out loud as much as possible.

Remember, the people reading the proposal are just that: people. They want to review easy-to-read, easy-to-score documents. All that starts with proper spelling, punctuation, and information.

When editing your proposals, remember this tip for better results. Trust us, it works!

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