• Adam Wallace

We Like to Move it, Move it

Most people take a few breaks throughout the workday. They make a cup of coffee, read the news, go out for lunch or a lunchtime walk, or spend time on social media. During any big project, such as a proposal effort, and especially when you’re in the home stretch, breaks usually become less frequent and of shorter duration.

It’s important to move around as much as possible when you take these breaks.

Frequent movement has some key benefits. For one, sitting for too long is linked to serious health issues, such as the hardening of the arteries. More relevant for proposal bids, however, is that sitting for too long can make one lose focus. Have you ever found yourself losing track of where you are in a document? Forgetting what you need to do next? It happens to the best of us. One solution: take a break. When you’re able to break away from your desk, make sure to move around.

Here are some movement ideas for breaks:

· Take a walk

· Do 50 jumping jacks (be careful if you are in work attire, although in today’s remote-work environment, make sure your flip-flops don’t fly off)

· Do a few stretching exercises

· Drink a glass of water

· Make coffee (decaf in the PM), and walk around while you wait for it to finish brewing

· Pace while thinking out loud – you might even generate some new, creative ideas

Here are some ideas for moving while working:

· If you can balance it, walk while you read

· Stand while working

· Stretch while listening to a call (be sure to turn off your camera!)

These are just a few of the ways we move so we can be more productive.

Try it sometime!

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